With a low inventory, this might be the best time to put your house on market. But! Before you do please consider some of these tips and follow them to have your home in the best shape to get the best offer possible. 

Step 1.  Do a preview of your home for yourself.  Start from the street as if you were the buyer coming to look at the house for purchase.  Here is a suggestion: if you have lived in the home for while you might ask a friend for an objective walk-through, with the promise you will not take things personally and are open to constructive criticism. Maybe treat them to a quick lunch/dinner afterwards to go through their suggestions for you. 

Step 2. DECLUTTER - this one is big! Remove anything but what is essential from all corners of your home.  Go through the rooms, closets, cabinets, garage etc.  (if you have too much stuff might be good idea to rent storage but really consider donating all that has not been used and put it to good use). We all want to display family photos and memorabilia but from my personal experience this tends spark curiosity or the buyers rather than focusing on the future of your home are spending time looking over your photos and memories.

Step 3. Clean, clean, clean! Clean every surface of your home - floors, walls, windows. Don't like cleaning please hire the professional to take the headache of this off you. Let me know if you need referral for reliable local cleaning companies that my clients have used. I can't skip this step without talking about smells. Especially if you own a pet it is very common that we tend to ignore it.  To help you with this you might ask somebody that does not live with the pets to make the evaluation for you.  

Step 4.Curb appeal! Groom your lawn and all of the bushes, flowers, and trees. Power wash your driveway and maybe hang a couple of flower arrangements to make the front of the house more inviting. With this step you might also consider cleaning up your gutters! Refresh paint or do touch ups where they are  needed.

Step 5: Consider having pre-existing home inspection.This is kind of important especially if you have been in your home for a long time. The inspector will point out things that will need your attention that maybe you've been putting on the back burner or don't remember anymore. Inspections are the things where the tend to go sideways. You don't want to be making unnecessary concessions for small repairs that you can do for fraction of the cost that the buyer will be asking for. 

Step 6 : Don't make any renovations that will not give you a good return on your investment. I can give you many examples where sellers spend money on something they could never recover. Example? Installing solar panels a couple of weeks before putting a property on the market.

I do hope you find this short list helpful. Happy selling!