The gulf coast city of Naples in the state of Florida is filled with so many fascinating destinations, and while some of them are quite popular, there are a few that are considered hidden gems.   

Today, we want to focus on some of the infamous areas of the city, as they will give you an authentic feel of the atmosphere and ambiance, as well as a glimpse into the lives of those who live there. Here are the best places to visit in Naples:

5th Avenue South

This street happens to be the main street in this magnificent city, and you will find that you can find almost anything as you stroll down one side of the street and up the other. In the beginning, you may find yourself perusing the items inside one of the numerous gift shops, while later on you may be looking at the art inside one of the local galleries or purchasing a hard to find antique at one of the antique stores. Please do not forget to stop in at one of the cafés or restaurants while you are there, as the food is legendary and should be savored by everyone.

Third Street South

While 5th Avenue is considered the main street, Third Street South offers a historical look and feel to those who want even more shopping adventures. We know that you will love wandering around the sidewalks of this street as you walk through many of the more than one hundred shops, boutiques, restaurants, and art galleries. Make sure that you take your camera with you, because this magical destination is surrounded by the older beach cottages and homes from Old Naples, as well as being only two blocks from the Naples Pier. If you can, try to get down to this area on Saturdays, because that is when the farmer’s market is held in the morning. This is the perfect place to purchase some fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as many of the locally prepared foods and local artisan products

Naples Municipal Beach and Pier

While you are exploring Third Street South, you may want to venture over to the Naples Municipal Beach and Pier. The pier has been in place for more than one hundred years and we encourage you to walk down it and maybe even try to catch a fish or two while you are there. Of course, if fishing is not your thing, you can simply stroll along the six miles of pure white sand as the tranquil waves lap over your feet. While we can spend all day at this beach, we especially love being there in the morning as the sun is rising and in the evening as that same sun is getting lower and lower in the sky. 

Vanderbilt Beach

This beach can be found in North Naples amongst all the fancy resorts, which means that there is plenty of gorgeous views for the taking. However, this beach does get crowded quickly every day, which means that you will want to go early to find your spot or walk along the sand looking for seashells. We recommend walking down the shoreline to Clam Pass Preserve Park to see nature at its finest.

These may be the best places to visit in Naples, but please make sure that they are not the only destinations on your list. There are so many others that you will love just as much, so you will find yourself quite busy during your time in this fabulous city.

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