Here is my confession, I love Naples!  So why shouldn’t that be the topic for my first blog? I really don’t know what I’m doing in terms of blogging, but I know why I love our city.  Naples is one of a kind place and anybody who visits quickly figures that out.

The most common thing you will find when meeting people in Naples. “We just came to visit/on a vacation and we just knew this is the place where we want to be.” This is exactly how my story began. My husband and I came here for a quick “side trip” while on vacation to Fort Myers.  However, once we drove on 41 through the city, all the way to 5th Avenue and visited the beach areas, we knew what we found. We decided “this is paradise,” this is the place we wanted to raise our family, to live, work and play. We sold our house and our business in Topeka, Kansas and “clicked our heels”.

What makes Naples so special?  The people who live and come here. From full-time residents to vacationers (snowbirds as some like to be called). All these people come from different parts of the United States, as well as different parts of the world. This is what makes this city so special.  People always tell me how welcomed they feel here. Usually, when you move to a new place you have to adjust and may feel very out of place for a while. Not in Naples! Everybody is welcome! There is something for everyone here. From amazing beaches to great golf courses, eclectic dining and year-round options for outdoor activities.  With 300+ sunny days and being voted as the happiest place in the US by National Geographic, Naples is best of what Southwest Florida has to offer.

Share my love for this town? Let me know what you love about living in Naples.